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We take great pride in installing tile, stone and pavers. Our tile and stone installation services include not just indoor installs but exterior parver, flagstone, brick and many other tine and stone surefaces as well. Make sure to have us come and bid your job before you make a decision as to what tile contractor you'll be using. We'll help in every step of the way from choosing the right tile or stone material to planning the install so that this will it will be as pleasant of an experience as possible for you and your family. Be sure to call us for any tile installation need if you are in the Coeur d'Alene or Spokane area

Here's some tips on choosing the right tile, stone or paver materials.

Ceramic tile Coeur d'Alene

Ceramic tile is the most common tile found in the interiror of homes including kitchens, bathrooms, halls and other areas. It is a man-made material that is easy to maintain. Because of it's hard baked finish, it will last for many years. Ceramic tile comes in many different styles and will fit just about every budget.

Porcelain tile

The techniques for installing porcelain tiles is very much like ceramic. It too is a man made material. Usually the color of the tile carries through the whole tile. This means that if the tile cracks you won't see a different color as you would with a ceramic tile. It comes in many different styles and finding one that will suit your needs won't be hard. There are some that mimic natural stone so well that moust would think it is the real thing. For a family that has children and pets, installing porcelain tile over a natural stone such as marble may be a wise choice.

Natural stone facts and installation


Slate's rugged feel and appearance is like no other. It is usually installed in fireplaces, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, patios, walkways and other areas of the home. It can either be installed in it's raw form or an enhancer can be applied once it's installed and grouted. An enhancer gives slate a deeper, richer, color.


Installation of marble requires a bit of different technique then other sone floors. A special thinset must be used as well as unsanded grout. Grout joints should not be more then 1/8" otherwise unsanded grout will start to crack. Marble should never be installed with sanded grout. It will create scratches in the marble when the grout is being applied. It will aslo make furure restoration efforts extremly difficult. Installing marble stone tiles takes a bit more patience then other tiles.

Marble is a beautiful material but you should know some facts before having it installed.
Marble is one of the softest stone tiles and is prone to scratching and etching. Acidic drinks and cleaners will no doubt etch it and cleaning alone will not do anything to elliviate it. Usually professional stone restoration is required to bring back the luster of the marble


The hardest of stone tiles it is definitely very popular in a lot of areas in a home. Unlike marble it is very resistant to scratching and etching making it a great choice for flooring and countertops.


If your thinking about having travertine installed in your home you have some choices. The holes in travertine is the first thing to consider. Travertine tiles either come with the holes filled or unfilled. Installing unfilled travertine tiles gives the room a rustic feel that many are looking for. Unfilled travertine will undoubtedly require more frequent cleanings due to dirt getting into the holes easier.
Maintaining travertine that has been installed with the holes filled requires less frequent cleaning.

Installing exterior tile and stone and pavers

It’s surprising what a difference having tiles or pavers installed in a patio, driveway or walkway. It not only looks great but adds value to your home as well.
To have an installation that will last many years, it’s important that you choose the right tile contractor. Due to the outside elements installing pavers, brick, saltillo, flagstone and other tiles in an exterior setting requires some consideration and a lot of experience. As with any of our services, we always help in making the right choice and guide you through the process.


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