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We install both finished and unfinished hardwood flooring. Though in the long run it is best to choose a product that is already finished, we can still stain and apply a polyurathane to an unfinished wood floor installation. We install all kinds of hardwood floor including plank, tongue and groove and parquet.

Is hardwood flooring right for you?

If you have not already chosen your hardwood floor, this is the first question that needs answering. Here are some pros and cons about hardwood flooring.


Hardwood floor's durability has stood the test of time. It is not uncommon to find original hardwood floor in home that are over 100 years old. With some basic maintenance it can last a lifetime.


Today, most everyone is looking for a home with hardwood floors in the living areas. Buyers are willing to pay a bit more for these floors versus other flooring materials.


This is a hardwood floor to meet just about every style you can think of. From the common oak flooring to Brazilian Walnut, there is a style that fits every decorating design.


No matter how careful you are, hardwood flooring will scratch, ding and dent over time. It will need to be refinished professionally to bring it back to it's new state. If you have pets that will scratch the floor you may want to conside other options such as laminate flooring. The hardness of a wood floor also plays a role in how resistant it is to scratches (see Hardwood floor's hardness below).

Taking care of your Hardwood Floors

Nothing beats preventive maintenance to keep your hardwood floor installation looking new for years. Here's a few tips:

Sweep the floor often. Anything other then minute debris will surely start to scratch your hardwood floors. How often you sweep is different in every home. A home with pets and children will need to be swept more often then one with say, a family of two adults.

Use area rugs. Not only do they add accent to the room but will also protec the traffic areas of your hardwood floors from scratches.

Cleaning your hardwood floors with a special cleaner is essential to help prevent dirt getting embedded deep in the grains of the floor. Professional restoration is the only way to elliviate this condition.

Hardwood floor's Hardness

Flooring Species Hardness
North American Cherry  950
North American Walnut 1010
Carbonized/Caramel Bamboo¹ 1120
True Teak 1155
Iroko/Kambala 1260
Yellow Birch 1260
Red Oak 1260
Beech 1300
Ash 1320
Amendoim 1340
White Oak 1360
Australian Cypress 1375
Royal Mahogany 1400
Caribbean Walnut 1400
Natural Bamboo¹ 1410
North American Maple 1450
Brazilian Maple 1500
Timborana 1570
Kempas 1710
Padauk, African 1725
Doussie 1770
Hickory 1820
Pecan 1820
Jarrah 1910
Merbau 1925
Tigerwood(Goncalo Alves) 2160
Santos Mahogany 2200
Caribbean Rosewood 2300
Chestnut, Southern 2670
Tiete Rosewood(Guibourtia) 2800
Brazilian Cherry(Jatoba) 2820
Brazilian Teak(Cumaru) 3540
Tiete Chestnut 3540
Brazilian Walnut(Ipe) 3680


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