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We've installed numerous wood fences in the Coeur D'Alene area. Whether you have a fence that needs replacing due to that it is sagging or one that was damaged by a wind storm, we help you in every step of the way. Be assured that you will get the best fence installation when you hire us for your next fence project.

Time of completion

Most fence installations are finished within a few days. Once we start a fencing project, rest assured that we will finish it in a timely manner. It is our goal to do a great job for our customers. And as always, at the end of the workday if we are not done, we leave our work areas and sourroundings clean. We see no other way of conducting our successful business.

Our fencing guarantee

We guarantee our fences and gates to not sag or fall for a period of 3 years. We are confident in our building techniques whis is why we don't have a problem our 3 year guarantee.

Quality wood fence installation

We install our fences to last fro many years to come. Some of the techniques we use is burying posts at least 3 feet below ground. We feel that anything less would account for a sub standard job. We use every precaution to make sure that the fence installation is level and straight. Quality materials are used in both the wood selected as well as hardware in your gate installation. Sub standard materials and workmanship are the main reasons a fence will prematurely fail. A well built fence and gate should last is excess of 10 years.

Care of your fence

Once your fence is installed we recommend that it gets sealed with the appropriate wood sealer. Make sure to coordinate with your neighbor to make sure both sides of the fence is sealed, it makes no sense protecting it in one side only. This protection should be applied every 2 years to keep your wood fence installation looking its best.

Keep trees from growing against your fence. Even the best fence installation will start giving if ther is a tree that is pushing aginst your fence. Make sure to inspect the trees around the perimeter of your property every year and trim them if necessary.

Keep dirt away from your fence.
This is specially important when it comes to your wood posts. No doubt it is nnearly impossible to keep dirt out of the bottom portion of the fence boards, but the posts are the foundation of your fencind and dirt should be kept from touching it.


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